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Suitable as part of a finger or fork buffet

5-9 people £5.20 per head/ 10 or more £4.75 per head

Cheese platter

Selection of European cheeses with grapes, crackers & ciabatta

Graze platter

Slices of Prosciutto, salami Milano, chorizo, mozzarella, marinated olives, Sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, rosemary bread sticks & wild rocket with ciabatta & basil pesto

Charcuterie platter

Slices of Parma ham, salami Milano, chorizo, smoked ham, gherkin, artichoke hearts & wood roasted piquillo peppers with ciabatta & balsamic oil

Antipasto platter

Balsamic onions, sun dried tomatoes, boccocini mozzarella, marinated olives, artichoke hearts, roast mushrooms & aubergine salad with ciabatta & basil pesto

Mezze platter

Hummus, tzatziki , aubergine yoghurt, taramasalata, carrot& cumin salad, tabbouleh salad & marinated olives with pitta bread

£6.95 per head/ minimum order of 10 portions

Tapas platter

Tortilla, Manchego with quince jam, Serrano ham, king prawns skewers, green olives with sourdough & aioli 

Farmhouse platter

Course country pate, mature cheddar, quiche slice, smoked ham, Cherry tomatoes, balsamic onions & cornichons with sourdough & chutney

Seafood platter

Slices of smoked salmon, peeled king prawns, crayfish tails, crab salad, lemon & the bread

Prawns platter

Peeled king prawns with lemon mayonnaise & sourdough